Billet Tractor Feeder

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Billet Tractor Feeder . The Billet Tractor Feeder is installed at Entry side of Induction Coil installed over the Induction Heater, in order to feed Raw Billets to the Induction coil for heating upto desired temprature. Billet Tractor Feeder is consisted of tensioned Fourplex Roller Chain and Sprockets. The Low Motion Detector ( LMD ) is installed on the top the Billets for detecting motion of the Billets . in case Billets stops due to some accident or trouble it send the signal to the control box for further care. Billet Tractor Feeder gradually feed the Billets into Induction Coil at desire speed . Billet Tractor Feeder is mainly used in Forging Industry. This Billet Tractor Feeder is manufactured in accordance with industry laid guidelines and using premium quality material sourced from the authentic vendors of the market. We also offer this Billet Tractor Feeder in custom-built range. The Billet Tractor Feeder is suitable & can be installed at all made Induction Heaters.

  • Feeding billets into the induction coil.
  • RCS /Round /Hexagonal /Flat shaped billet /Job can be pushed /Fed.
  • 10mm to 200mm sized billets can be fed /Pushed.
  • 0.5kg to 10kg weight can be carried.