Cooling Conveyor

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Cooling Conveyors. The range of Controlled cooling conveyor offered by us includes Slow Cooling Conveyors, Slow Cooling Conveyor with Blower and Cooling Conveyor with Tube Axial Fans. Our professionals strictly follow industry guidelines and utilize premium quality material to manufacture these cooling conveyors. Patrons can also avail these conveyors in custom-built range, as per their requirements. Detailed overview of the product range is mentioned below:

For heat treatment, forgings are heated above austenitizing temperature and socked for some time. After that controlled cooling will give required hardness and microstructure. But in forging process temperature of as trimmed forgings ranges between 950°C to 1050°C. So only by controlling the cooling rate same results can be achieved.

Our expertise has helped so many customers to get the benefit of this effect. Every conveyor is a custom built and specially designed to cater specific requirement.

  • It is used to carry billets from one place to another and achieved desire temprature.
  • Hot scrap material can be carried by this device.
  • Rcs/round/hexagonal/falt shaped job can be carried.
  • 0.5 kg to 1000kg weight can be carried.